Dragon Clan Lands

Welcome to the Dragon Clan Lands! This is a a place where dragons of all kinds can find a safe haven! We're a small community focused on roleplaying, writing, art, and chatting all centered around dragons of course! Most of the action on this site is located on our forum.   

Over a hundred dragon lovers, along with more than 250 dragon characters, have come from all over the world to make their homes here.  Inside the Dragon Clan Lands, you can find dragons holding celebrations and battles, making new friends and struggling against old enemies, raising their young, relaxing with a variety of games, or working to research dragon sightings in literature and culture.

Many places within the lands are hidden from strangers, to protect the dragons inside from those who might wish them harm.  Do not despair!  The guardians who watch the borders will grant you entry if you introduce yourself to them.

Everyone is welcome! All dragon enthusiasts may participate, whether their interests lie in drawing, writing, or just talking about them.

Want to join? Just three easy steps!
Unfortately, due to spammers we no longer accept members that are not affiliated with currrent members (as of 2019).

1. Read our Requirements.
Register for the forum under you or your dragon's name.
3. Have your existing member contact Garfy or Auri to approve the account.