Dragon Clan Lands

About Us

The Clan was originally formed as a petsite fansite in 2002 by Ozz, Michi, and Seph. It all started out as a simple petsite Dragon Directory and exploded from there taking us to forums, chats, galleries, message boards, oekakis and all kinds of other magnificent features! This has since moved on and evolved to suit the needs of even more online dragon-lovers, shedding its original roots and making its own, original mark on the internet world. We are now a Dragon Site, celebrating the creation and roleplay of original or fan Dragons from all over the world (and wherever other imaginary locations they seem to hail from!).

With the waxing and waning of our community, staff members have come and gone. This site is currently staffed by the members listed here. We can be contacted using this form.

This site and its community have come a long way in its approximate eight year history. We are a free site that offers community among dragon-lovers from all over the world. Through art, stories, and roleplay, members can forge lasting relationships between themselves and their characters. With our new move comes a new application process, opening our borders to whoever may like to join! Prospective members should take a look at the Rules for Applying in order to see how our new process works. Any questions about us should be addressed to the contact form.

All in all, we welcome you to our sacred lands. We hope you will enjoy exploring the world that lays before you.

The Clan Lives...

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Tasmira © Pooka - Ophira © Xeth