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Note: All of the following images may be directly found in the Coloring Page Gallery

Oekaki Coloring Pages
We also have Oekaki coloring pages. Rose (Ainadwen) and Aqua (Morithias) have figured out a way to do coloring pages through the Oekaki. Just start the drawing as usual, and when you finish the outline, publish it, taking care to select "Password Protect" under "Share Picture". If you'd only like to share it with certain people, set whatever password you would like. However, if you want to make it public (which is loads more fun!) set the password as "public" - then absolutely anyone may edit it. Credit will stay with you when others color and work with it, but if you are coloring it, we ask that you please also link to the original picture.
If you don't want to share your picture, just be sure to select the No option under "Share Picture"!

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