Dragon Clan Lands

Our Requirements

Welcome to the Clan! We are pleased to see that you are interested in joining our ranks. You've made the correct stop in reading this page before continuing as the information on here is vital should you wish to apply.

Bureiku © Becky - Poltergeist © Nicole
Anduhre © Em - Irdische © Danielle

This site is for dragon-lovers. Whether you have an original dragon character or a dragon based off of a book series or petsite, you are welcome to join us and we'd love to have you! Please read below to make sure you are eligible for membership.

An important, final note; You are not required to be active in the forums or to submit things (like art, money, etc.) to keep your account. Once you are a member, you remain a member as long as the rules are followed. However, if you choose to terminate your membership at any time, simply contact an administrator and they will delete your account. If you wish to join us once more, you are welcome to register once again for an account on this forum. We will never demand any form of payment or 'donation' from you in exchange for membership, nor will there any be any ads on this site you have to click in order to proceed. Also, the email address you use during registration will never be given out to third parties; membership will never end up in you receiving spam. In that matter, please use your normal email address to sign up for membership as we may use it for important Clan announcements!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to post them in our Guest Forums or contact the DC Crew using this form.

If you still wish to join our ever growing community, please advance to this page for rules on how to apply!