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If you would like to donate to help keep the Clan running, you may use this page to access Paypal to leave us a donation :) Please keep in mind that all donations are gifts and will not result in the promotion of your account, the earning of gems, or anything else. If you would like recognition for your contribution, you will have that option during payment - please read on.

All donations will be managed by Maia as she owns this site and the Paypal account is set up through her. All donations will be completely confidential should the donator choose. We will never disclose the amount donated to anyone. That will be between you and Maia only.

Because these transactions involve real money, real bank accounts, and real people, some personal information is bound to be exchanged. Real names on both parties will be exchanged and the address of the donator will also be displayed to Rose upon the transaction's completion. Email addresses and phone numbers are never exchanged, nor are bank account numbers, birthdays, passwords, social security numbers, or any other kind of private identification information. If you are worried about the exchange of names and addresses, please do not donate. Also, children under the age of eighteen may not donate without the permission and help of their parents. As people under the age of eighteen will not be able to get a PayPal account or a credit card under their own name, I hope this would not be a problem.

You may donate any amount that you would like - that is your choice! Unfortunately, at this time, we can only accept payments in USD (United States Dollars). Through the PayPal system we have set up, you can pay with either a PayPal account or a credit card if you do not have a PayPal account. It's very simple, and it is also secure. (please click here for some tips on secure transactions)

All donations will be anonymous by default! If you would like to be credited on the Contributions Page, there will be an area during payment that will ask for your Main DC Account and your Nickname. Fill that in (Account: Ainadwen, Nickname: Rose) if you would like to be added to the Contributions page. If you would like to remain anonymous, do not fill this area out!

Steps to Donate
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Tips for Secure Transactions
  • PayPal is known for its security. There are many websites out there, however that will try to trick you into paying them when you think you are paying through Paypal. Follow these tips to keep your PayPal account or personal information safe!
    • NEVER follow a link to PayPal unless you are sure it is actually PayPal. If you see a text link to PayPal, you can hover your mouse over it to make sure that it brings up "PayPal" in the bottom of your browser. You can also do this with images or buttons - however, the pay button above is encrypted, so you cannot use that little trick on it.
    • Once you get to that site, check the address bar AGAIN to make sure that it says www.paypal.com and nothing else! Paypal has also set up a way to keep their website secure, this is seen in most browsers by highlighting the address bar a light orange or yellow color. You will also notice that the address starts with "https://" rather than the usual "http://". Https is an indicator that this site is officially secure, which is one more way to make sure it is the real PayPal.
    • There is another trick that I also use on my computer. My PayPal login and password are saved on my computer, so everytime I visit a PayPal page, it comes up with my login information ready to go. If I were visiting a fake site, it would not be able to pull up my login info for me and that would give me reason to suspect that site.
  • You should ALWAYS check all of these checkpoints before EVER signing into PayPal.