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These are all of the quotes from DCL, our current DC Version, that have made it into the scrolling quotes on the forum! Enjoy!!

Holy crap Rose, so what you're saying is that we make a perfect team with my disdain for rules and your love for them, and my love for drama and your intolerance for it 8D

Dedo, DCL April 2008

Roman Numerals are teh MCCCXXXVII. >=D *GIGANTIC NERD*

Tarregon, DCL April 2008

Radonasi: I want a Transformer.
Voiler: Your mom's a transformer.
Radonasi: Your face is a transformer.

DCL April 2008

Radonasi: moardragon_greenbase.gif MOAR
Shivaeru: There's the dragon that roared in the SB!
Radonasi: What do you do!? A: Throw Pokeball, B: Throw rock, C: Throw food, D: Flee
Voiler: B: Throw rock
Radonasi: Rock hits! Unnamed green MOARDragon attacks for over 9000 damage
Voiler: Critical Hit! Zoe has fainted!

DCL April 2008

Lol..Xar resorts to turning into a child form..Radon regresses to teenager...MY DRAGONS RUIN LIVES.

Tsugi, DCL April 2008

Tsugi: Then where the heck is he from *Lost all track of him lol*
Tsugi: JESUS I forget that place exists xD

DCL April 2008

Taiyofu: For a second I thought it said "Rose bit me" o_O
Tsugi: Lol...um...yes she tends to do that. It makes you watch more Disney movies than usual.
Hoagii: *wonders why Zeph is surprised at the thought of Rose biting people* It only happens ALL THE TIME

DCL April 2008

Klamex: Okay. So is the DC filled with teenagers, or just another mental institution?
Dedo: A little of both

DCL May 2008

You know you've had too much chicken when you fart and it clucks.

Tsugi, DCL May 2008

No, it's like... someone asking you how to make a PB&J sandwich, and they don't understand that... you haven't unscrewed the lid of the pb jar... xDD So you haven't gotten passed step TWO, and they're trying to help them with uber-complicated Step NINETEEN, which involves flashing lights, disco music and 80's garb.

Maia, DCL August 2008

Dedo: Dedo: Oral fixation.  Clearly a sign of frustration
Tsugi: Jax: I'll oral your fixation if you don't shut up! I...oooh... *Realizes what he just said*
Dedo: Dedo: Oh baby oh baby, you promise?

DCL September 2008 

Tsugi: Tenkyo: *Reads and listens to disco*
Monte: How can you read disco?
Aevyn Dawnfire: The spiraling lights from the disco ball spell out a morse code kinda thing. It's quite fascinating, however, I must admit, half the time it looks like it reads: "Duck, cherry, apostraphe, mole", so I don't think I have it quite down, yet. =p

Kathy, Beaky & Phex, October DCL 2008

Kiype snuck up and grabbed an egg, and booted it out of there.

Aeries, Nest Post, November DCL 2008

Tsugi: *Spins around on her head*
Aevyn Dawnfire: Whoah! I wish i could do that! I have terrible balance... I can't even balance books on my head. xP
Garfy: 0.o LIER. She can't type and spin on her head at the same time!
Aevyn Dawnfire: That takes skill, it does!
Bitty: she could.... with her toes D:
Tsugi: I did it with my tentacles.

November DCL 2008

I was trying to praise my dog and then NOMNOMNOM I was huge.

Dethaim, November DCL 2008

Dethaim: *lolz at Phex's last ball post* I don't think Roth's ever been touched by a female other than his mum and sister xD Should be a fun reaction
Tsugi: Uuugghh I should not be reading things in this state, for some reason that came off so dirty x.x

November DCL 2008

Bitty: o.o well I don't know xD what other boy dragons do you have?
Bitty: Phi doesn't count though. Being married and a father automatically reduces his status to female xD

December DCL 2008

Aevyn Dawnfire: ....I said gosh...what's with the censor?
Aevyn Dawnfire: Oh, i said "it' after it. =p

January DCL 2009

Nicole: *Gets in an armor of pop up blocker* EAT CHAIN LETTERS *throws some towards Em in a dramatic like fashion
Em: Gaaah!!! Not the Chain letters!!! *sets up canisters of Spaghetti-O's to protect her from the next wave*
Nicole: *rides a wooden T rex over towards Em's spaghetti-o fort and knocks them down* HA! I SUNK YOUR BATTLESHIP
Maifpheral: God-Modding!!
Nicole: Youre right...Em, I'm sorry I god modded your spaghetti-o's

January DCL 2009

X: YESSSSS. I can finally craft an epic paperclip chainmail chest piece!

February DCL 2009

Kazo: Ahhh, how do you live? X_X Burrito's are like a pheonomon (sp?) here! I had a really good veg. one today.
Kay: Epic food isn't a phonomenon, it's a phoNOMeNOM!

February DCL 2009

Auri: There is no Auri, there is only Zuul.
Garfy: Crap. I knew Auri was a fake.

June DCL 2009

I like pants because they distill the fart a little.

Kathy, September DCL 2009

Xar: *Falls asleep*
Polter: ...Kline...in case we dont make it out...theres...something Ive always wanted to tell you
Polter: *holds Kline close* ...I....*hears Xar fall over* SWEET WE'RE SAVED! *drops him*

September DCL 2009

its like babies have this magical quality that makes people love them, A quality they share with pizza.

Itrenor, September DCL 2009

Zeph: What is that dry, sucking sound?  It's my innocence going down the drain.
X: Ooh, you still had some, Zeph? Man, we could have had that with a nice sauce and wine.

September DCL 2009

If I was to comment every single picture I like my post would probably be longer than one of Phex's roleplay replies lol.

Conny, May DCL 2009

Mili: So good to see your mom again, Xaradar. your mom look well. That makes my pants happy.

April DCL 2009

Laugh at the terrible things I put my characters through. And then my hilarious death when my imaginary figments become real and get revenge. 8D

X, November DCL 2009

Free Tibet! [size=7pt][sub]*With purchace of equal or lesser value Tibet.*[/sub][/size]

Joe, DCL 2009

I apologize for my imaginary figment. You can hit him.

X, DCL 2009

Garfy: *eats random people*
Nicole: *Gets consumed*
Garfy: *poops*
Nicole: *is a poop*
Garfy: *cleans up poop*
Garfy: *and puts it in the poop shreder that she has in the backyard*
Nicole: *Is a shredded poop..a poor...poor...shredded..useless...garfy poop*
Nicole: I feel like crap ._.
Garfy: *is way more amused than she should be by that comment*

DCL 2009

I have the musical talent of a ten-thumbed cripple.

Zeph, DCL 2009

Zeph: I wish I was a pi-bond so I could lay side-to-side with your p-orbitals.
Zeph: If you know what I mean.

DCL 2009

Vodka then wet herself and cried for forever and ever.

Kathy, DCL 2009

Morale plummeted even further during Day 2, when a bout of cramps a) made the task of cleaning the kitchen even less appealing and b) demonstrated that attempts to breed reinforcements have been unsuccessful.

Auri, DCL 2009


DCL 2009

Joe: or a chainsaw, how about I just touch ya with a chainsaw?
Phex: Fine. Go for it. Sounds hot.

DCL 2009

Desteti rolled the gem over in his hand, watching as it sparkled in the light like a angsty teenage vampire.

Panda, DCL 2009

Garfy: 8D Exactly! See, I AM important! *bases her entire self esteem on X and Zeph's opinions*
Zeph: Garfy, I am pleased to know that I am part of the binary star system that is your self-esteem.  And no, I couldn't have worded that any more nerdlier.

DCL 2009

Garfy: Nicole, I'm horribly sorry but your pet cat got in the way of my maths and I ate it.

DCL 2009

You wouldn't believe the drama in the life of a fire fly.

Misha, DCL 2009

Oh Itro's watch. It seems as though it was only yesterday that Itro purchased you from the store. Right away he knew Watch was special, for Watch served with unmatched devotion and loyalty throughout the course of his life! He persisted in telling time all through the days and the nights and the lunch times and dinner and breakfast times too and even when it was snack time and all anyone ever wants to do is eat but Watch ignored all these temptations in favor of what he knew to be his most important job! He - wait it is a he, isn't it? She? - HeSheIt will always be remembered for HisHerIt's diligent work and devoted attention...to time..."

Alue (Panda), DCL 2009

Sar: I'm not quite sure what's going on, but i just want to clairfy. Does /anyone/ of the male gender want to have sex? Because I'm totally for it. *grins*
Bergen: *somewhere in the background waves a hand to Sar's question before realizing that it's with /him/ and not with a pretty female :| Awkward...... puts arm back down and gets out of there*

Garfy & Kougie DCL 2010

Phex: Does sleeping in your bedroom and eating your food and being in your bathroom count as sexual harassment?
Phex: Cuz I am alllll over that.
Garfy: Yes, Phex.

DCL 2010

Tyler: Why does there need to be killing anyway?
X: Why is the sky blue? Why is grass green? Why is cake delicious?
Phex: You're comparing murder to why cake is delicious?
X: I am, Phex, I AM.

DCL 2010

Garfy: It's 11 am. Do you know where your children are!?
Nicole:  Uuuhhh..no...Oops
Kathy: I ate my children :/
Panda: I hate it when that happens. :[

DCL 2010

Sephirosu: I am not bad. I'm just subscribing to a radically different set of morals from the rest of the world. A much more delicious set of morals.

Angie, DCL 2010

Snajee-lay: *Throws a $20 at Ryu and consequently receives a lapdance* Oh ... boy...

DCL, 2010

Garfy:.. My Zeph doesn't glow in teh dark! D8 *shakes* What's wrong with it?
Snajee-lay: check her batteries. or her uranium supply
Garfy: .. Where are they? *checks*
Snajee-lay: Uh, It requires Zeph to have a adult present haha
Zeph: D8

DCL, 2010

I was three weeks late and it took an emergency C-section to get me out.  I claim that my habit of procrastinating on everything must be genetic, because clearly I had it even back then.

Auri, DCL 2010

Zeph: Seph and Mango and Xian and all the chaotic evil hardcore dragons can go around... flexing muscles and bending steel and stuffs
Zeph: and eating danger and nails for breakfast.

DCL 2010

Phex: *laughs* Panda you made my day. xDDD
Panda: I better have. Iiii better have. 8D
Beaky: It's the iMadeyourday, from Pandapple
Nicole: Pandapple software upgrade now only $10.99
Garfy: I have to pay for it!?
Nicole: Hey D8 Awesomeness isn't cheap! Pandapple plus has all the latest in adorable art, wonderful company and top quality sense of humor.

DCL 2010

Beaky: That would be AWESOME!
Beaky: Ew, not computer crashing, I mean getting attacked on a BD

DCL, 2010

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Panda, DCL 2010

Zeph: A wild ZEPH appeared!
Snajee-lay: !!! o3o
Snajee-lay: Snajee-lay threw one Ultra ball!
Zeph: Zeph dodged the thrown ball! (Pokemon Blue Style!)
Snajee-lay: ... thats it. GO MR. BUN-BUNS!
Snajee-lay: Mr.Bun-Buns: Sniffs the air
Zeph: Zeph fled!  (She needs to get some art stuff ready)
Snajee-lay: Damn! Shoulda used the bait.

DCL 2010

Oh, the Chesh. Any mythological cat with freaky powers and a sexy voice has my vote for long-time fandom.

Phex, DCL 2010

Tyler: *Pulls up a chair and sits down* Heres a touching story. >3>
Snajee-lay: It better be in appropriate places
Tyler: Once apon a time <span style="font-size: 15pt;">GYAHHHHHH</span> *Large explosion*
Tyler: The end. >:3
Snajee-lay: O3o

DCL, 2010

Flux and Xar run around the christmas RP NEKKID shouting "OMG It's SANTA CLAWS! ARGGGH!" [/Godmod]

Marsi, DCL 2010

To make it that little more personal, Flux wiped his armpit on it before sending it out, he totally was not taking this secret present idea seriously. But also a small part of him believed his natural sweaty pheromones could actually attract ladies.

Kay, DCL 2010

Phex: Get on a motorcyle and grab some Levi's Polter! And maybe the All Spice man.
Polter: Look down, now back up. Where are you? You're in the DC shoutbox. Talking about potential roleplays that could be as epic as mine...I'm drinking mouthwash.

Phex & Nicole, DCL 2010

Claire And what about that polar bear you ride to work!?
Nicole: oh, crap, I thought it was a dog sled! D8
Nicole: Polar bears are like the cadillac of canada. You gotta be up there to ride one of those.

DCL, 2010

So one night Phi and Xar meet each other and wow, Phi just starts going for him to beat the crap out of him. Xar takes a few hits and defends himself and as they wrestle with each other it...turns into groping. Pretty soon they're both on the ground and not fighting anymore... xDDD *DIES* I couldn't seriously finish it.

Kathy, about Pixar, DCL 2010

Kougie: Uhm. Kougie was loving giraffes long before you said anything. You just felt that because I was so awesome, you had to copy
Hill: Your defensiveness suggests otherwise.  >:I
Panda: Your mom suggests otherwise. >:I

DCL, 2010

Something about forcing my espeon to get it on with a ditto doesn't sit right with me, even though I try to make it work and pretend they love each other and are very happy, proud parents anyway. ;n;

Panda, DCL 2010

Panda: Warning: may cause pregnancy, fatal injuries, and death. Women using Kyoti are more at risk. Kyoti should not be taken under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as these could increase your risk of imminent doom. Talk to your doctor to see if Kyoti is right for you!

Misha: Potential Side Effects of Kyoti: Dizziness, addiction, Vomiting, pregnancy, lust, anal probing, BDSM urges, violent tendencies, excessive weight gain, moodiness, uncontrollable urge to kick something brown and furry, kidnapping, heart ache, headaches, children, AIDS, nausea, wet dog smell and Death. If you are feeling any of these symptoms please discontinue Kyoti IMMEDIATELY! Please consult your doctor or god if you are experiencing any problems with Kyoti.


Xar: *Is very unhappy with Kyoti right now after hearing this*

DCL, 2011

Vodka: Yea, he runs around and gets things on fire and I have to dump water on him. Or her..
Jasine: Im pretty sure it might get control of that as it grows up. So you got new pillows?

Kathy & Tyler, DCL 2010

Xar: We are but there are some things *points at Bike* I JUST CAN'T HANDLE LOL.

Kay, DCL 2011

Xar thought it would be polite to make small talk with Sar. He decided to steer off telling him how amused he was by their rhyming names.

Kay, DCL 2011

Tonight's Tale of Woe:

My nemesis was lying prone, apparently defenseless. I pinned it in place and held my weapon aloft, prepared to deliver a mortal wound.

"Haha!" I cried. "This shall be the end of you!"

The enemy, however, was wilier than I had realized. In my overconfidence, I was caught completely off-guard by its swift evasion, as it rolled out of the way of my deadly stroke. Gleaming steel slid along its surface, but failed to slice vegetable flesh. Instead it found purchase... in my thumb.

Thud! Slash! In that moment, the tide of battle had turned. Like floodwaters through a dry riverbed, blood spilled down the creases of my hand. But worse than the pain of my injury was the pain of my shame.

In that moment, I knew... the orange menace had won.

Carrots 1, Auri 0.  DAMN YOU, CARROT. 

(And tomorrow, I get to call to make sure my tetanus vaccination is up to date.  Whee.)

Auri, DCL 2011

Dear Auri's Ovaries,
Your doing it wrong.

DCL 2011

Beaky: My milkshake brings all the draiks to the yard!... gross, forget I spok
Kathy Too late, Jax is on his way to your..yard

DCL, 2011

Garfy: Dear DCL, What the heck. Love Garfy
Marsi: Dear Heck, What the Garfy, Love DCL
Garfy: Dear Garfy, What the DCL, Love Heck?
Kathy: Dear Garfy, take off your clothes

DCL, 2011

Aww, well don't push them! Characters are like a good poop. You can't rush these things. 8D
Panda, DCL, 2011

OMG. I forgot to position my action figures for Valentine's Day...time to fix that
Kathy, DCL, Valentine's Day 2012

Nicole: Theres nothing like RPing children drowning on your magical dragon website
Kay: LOL
Beaky: I broke kougie's kid's leg. So there's that XD We're such proud parents.
Nicole: We're clearly teaching ourselves valuable life skills that we can later look back on for real world situations
Kay: Like don't let your kids out of your sight incase they go wandering into the sea and drown?

DCL, 2012

Misha: When most creatures are coming out of their winter slumber and enjoying the late spring months, DCLers are quite different. They are most active in the summer time and winter. However during the spring they go into hibernation with an occasional straggler coming out into the light. If we're quiet and patient, we might spot one! *hides in tree*
Misha: Oh, look! I see one now! Keep your movements slow and quiet, we don't want to startle her.
Nicole: *raises head - looks around all alert*
Garfy: *starts screaming wildly then stops* Whoops.
Nicole: O_O! *scampers back off into the wilderness of College*

DCL, 2012

Sleep, you win this round. But tomorrow is another day! The war is not yet won! There will come a day when sleep silences us all, but it is not this day! Members of the Dragon Clan Lands, WE DREAM!

Beaky, DCL, 2012

Panda: Wait wait wait....what is this "sun" and "real life" you speak of?
Nicole: I...I don't know *squinty eyes* I think I read about it in a book once
Xeth: No... I think it's actually real. Sometimes I see it... peeking through the curtains and burning me with it's brightness @_@

DCL, 2012

I think a Pokemon Master paleontologist was every kid's dream at some point. 8D

Hill, DCL, 2012

Boko: Excuses, excuses. If it makes you feel better, my human is going away for the weekend.
Brixyn: Why do you need your human to go on a date? That seems silly!
Boko: That's sweet, your fourth wall is still intact. *Gives Brixyn some "I Still Believe in Santa" flare*

Beaky & Garfy, DCL, 2012

It's just like we're all sitting at a campfire roasting marshmallows. But the marshmallows are our characters ^.^

Misha, DCL, 2017