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DC9 Quote Archive

These are all of the quotes from DC, version 9 that have made it into the scrolling quotes on the forum! Enjoy!!

(nehehe admins at work... *grins* Setting the right example, aye?)

AinadwensEve: *tries to think of something clever to say so that she can get a quote up there* xD
AinadwensEve: I think I was quoted once, because we were SB RPing and the seat of my pants caught on fire or something xD *poofs for DDR*
Morithias: Mm, quotes. *looks up at them* Yukaeko: Quotes..? Why don't they quote this? :D *walks up to the quote cam, turns around, and does a butt dance*
Morithias: Ryenorth: ..What's a butt da.. Oh forget it, I don't even want to know. >_>
AinadwensEve: Aire: *videotapes the butt dance so she can use it for blackmail later* >:D
Dedo_Lesprit: Dedo: *Hypnotized by butt dance*
Morithias: XD lol. Yukaeko: Lala~. HEY! *chases after Aire*
AinadwensEve: Aire: *cackles and runs off with videotape*

Ainadwenseve, Morithias and Dedo_Lesprit, DC9

(Apocalypse one-on-one - Admins devising the RP reason of the DC downtime...

Dedo_Lesprit: Do we want to decide on what natural disaster or whatever crashed the DC last time was?  I've been saying earthquake but we already used that one XD  Do we want to change it or whatever?
Dracahz: Hmm we had earthquake, comet... how about an apocalyptic flood? That wouldn't explain why the map needs re-exploring though... hmmmm...
Ainadwenseve: If the land was flooded wouldn't that give it reason to change shape as the water receeds? x)  I think that idea could work!
Dedo_Lesprit: Indeed it would   I think a flood it is then.
Val: I haaaave a booooaaaat.  I haaaave a booooaaaat.  Aaaand yooouuu doooooon't.  Nyah nyah nyah-nyah nyah!


We're all gonna be eaten by demented turtles, and you all knew it the whooole time. :D

Itarill, DC 9.0

Keahi_Blaze: -clings to Lire- Be my excuse for not going to school...PLZ!! xDD
Slykae: Lire: -snerts- Well, in clinging to me you've just absorbed poison. I'd imagine death is a good enough excuse.

DC 9.0

(Goodmooorning DC'ers ;) )

Paiu: It's wayy too early. -cranky- >:0
Aquiviara: *sighs*
Brixyn: Its only 10:00 amish around here.
Dedo_Lesprit: ... Really must be tired, as I was sitting here trying to figure out what time zone the Amish lived in to translate that last shout XD
Ainyalin: That honestly made me snort aloud. And then I realised that I read it in a similar manner. D:


(Ph34r the Power!)

Tatzwyrm: *poofs to bed* night all
Dracahz: Heheheh. *drops an icecube down the back of Tatz's shirt* old trick, but still fun to watch friends wriggle about ^^ *diabolical laughter*
Dracahz: ah, darn my timing!
Dracahz: if I just delete your 'going to bed' shout, then you wont be able to sleep ^^ Now dont argue with my logic!!!!
Gouka_Ryuuou: XD *tries not to spit out soda from laughter nor make it come out her nose* LOL!
Dracahz: Shush! do not mock me or I will sick THURday on ya! *twitch twitch* Wink
Gouka_Ryuuou: Nuu not Thurday! :O *hides while holding up a fish stick*
Dracahz: Thurday loves fish.... run! *cackles*
Gouka_Ryuuou: Ooh nues! *flees*
Dracahz: Gah, bedtime... I'll leave Thurday with you Smiley have fun! *poofs*
Aquiviara: I thought it was Friday that loved fish!


Taiyofu: Tai: *dances* Doo dee doo Dee dee dooo! I'm a fancydancy! *does a spin*
Taiyofu: It has now been scientifically proven that when exposed to music, Tai has the inclination to act like a complete moron.
Gouka_Ryuuou: XD *cackles and goes off to get the sticky pink tutu thats been formerly glued to Gouka to glue onto Tai right now* >3


Tarregonn: Does anyone know what happened to Subeta?
Taiyofu: It became lost at the nearest four-way intersection after being subjected to the incredible uselessness that is a "You are Here" sign.   Sources report to me that it was last seen muttering gibberish to a mango smoothie somewhere in southwestern Idaho.


Ezetah: -zombies out of bed-
Xaradar_: *Hugs zombie X*
Ezetah: -groans and drools and maybe loses an arm-
Tsugi_hayakao: *Gives the zombie some brainz*
Ezetah: Braaaaiiinssss... -gnaws on them happily. omg kawaii zombie desudesu!-
Tsugi_hayakao: Omg kawaii!!! *Turns into a chibi fangirl you'd want to STEP ON.*


Aquiviara: I want blue jelly.
Aquiviara: I have blue jelly.
Aquiviara: But it would take a day for it to gel.
Aquiviara: And I want it now.
Aquiviara: *wallows in jelly-less emo*

DC9 2007

Philorre: And there'll always be a happy home for you here. :D A happy... lonely... abandoned home, but home nonetheless! <333

DC9 2007

Kiel: *Drools and dreams about eating Vaidren's head*
Koda: *watches on in horror and is completely devastated Vaidren 'hit on his 'sister'', runs away in tears* D:
Vai: OMG KODA COME BACK, I AIN'T DONE NOTHIN'!  *farts in Kiel's face*  LOLOL.

Jasanie and Juli_Draco, DC9 2008