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DC8 Quote Archive

These are all of the quotes from DC, version 8 (a temporary one hosted by Aqua) that have made it into the scrolling quotes on the forum! Enjoy!!

(on a n00b trying to scam through Neomail)

The stupid, it buuuuuurns...

Xyriah, DC 8.0

All that being said and out of my system, I'm sorry I can't help you with the males thing, all my boys are taken- Monte is happily married with four eggs, the twins are expecting a clutch with Hikaru- and she has made it very clear that her kind mates FOR LIFE, not as a summer fling- and Boko, while not married or expecting kids, is quite enjoying his time with Zaaps, and would rather not give her up. I mean, he offered to share his cookies with her. That's love, man.

Czar_Monte, Official Blind Dates, Temp. DC 2006

I sent in all four of mine this time... though my Draiks never have such luck in blind dates xD Drev's always seem to end in disaster and Almor bore his last date to death.

Almor: I was trying to be conversational.
Aire: Geeze, listening to you talk for 30 seconds could put me into a coma.

AinadwensEve, Official Blind Dates, Temp. DC 2006