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DC7 Quote Archive

These are all of the quotes from DC, version 7 that have made it into the scrolling quotes on the forum! Enjoy!!

*cushions the sb with rubber so if anyone else plops in, they'll bounce around*

Draikeneko, DC7.0

They broke into my home and burglarized tiny dried bits of Pepsi from my desk. I sentenced them to DOOM.

Doragonu, DC7.0 (talking about ants)

I'm happy being an OzzyMinion. X3

Doragonu, DC7.0

"don't worry, it's just a commercial. I'm actually a very good Fuhrer." "HI MUM! WE'RE ON TV!"

Khirit, DC7.0

and don't come to my place in the middle of the night Ange, the bears may get you. 0.o

Queen_Tasmira, DC7.0

All your cheese are belong to me o_o

Draikeneko, DC7.0

*bum catches on fire -- runs around yelping*

Ainadwenseve, DC7.0

Curses! *BOOM*

In honor of Goldarg, DC7.0. Thank you for letting us use your server in the past.

:o!!11one *points to Drac* He...a..a..ate.. Mr. Froggy! ;___;

Draikeneko, DC7.0

You know, if the damn thing was gonna double post, it should have corrected my spelling!

Ebony_Vespers, DC7.0

What? There's nothing weird about having a mortal terror of Chias.

Laoul, DC7.0

No wonder so many people become faeries these days. Cold season is in.

Ezetah, DC7.0

*floats around in her teacup*

Rayintei, DC7.0

They die without drowning, getting burned or electrocuted? That takes all the fun out of it! *is a sim torturer*

Hoagii, DC7.0


Hiromyasho, DC7.0

Yep. I'm hanging around the Neoboards because it's like watching a train wreck. I honestly can't look away.

Doragonu, DC7.0

MOO! I mean, I'm not a cow, I mean what cow, I mean... you didn't see anything O-o *Beaky's losing it XD*

Monte_0290, DC7.0

... my enter key hates me .__.

Voiler, DC 7.0