Dragon Clan Lands

DCL Staff

Image by Krys (Nera), Colored by Becky (Bureiku)

The Clan is not ruled by one single person, and never will be. Various groups have taken charge over the many versions of the site, and chances are high that you'll encounter at least a few members that belong to one of these groups. Each of these members were nominated and selected by Clan Leaders before being offered a position. Elders take many factors into account before selecting new Moderators on the site and they ensure that each new one has many good qualities that they can bring to the team.

While the Elders (the admins) hold the ultimate power, there are various Moderators that keep an eye on the site, and you can approach any of them when you have a problem or complaint. A closer look at each leadership position is provided below.

Click on the link of each Clan Leader below to see a page with information specifically about them and their background, as well as information on how to contact them or duties they oversee. You may also click on the titles to read more about that specific leadership position and the powers each position holds.

Dragon Clan Elders
The Elders are essentially the rulers of the Clan. They are creators and upholders, all-powerful and always willing to share their wisdom. These select few can access all parts of the Clan realms. They hold the final say in disciplinary actions decided on members violating Clan Rules. They are the masterminds behind the majority of events and content on this site.

White Guard
While the Elders tend to watch over us from a higher level, the White Guard walks amongst us and acts when needed. These noble creatures protect, intervene and advise where needed. They report directly to the Elders and hold many abilities and privileges.

The Phantom is responsible for the coding aspect of the site. They fix things when they break and hopefully don't break things more. This is a relatively new position around the clan lands and outside of the normal hierarchy, so don't be surprised if you don't see it mentioned other places.

Fellowship of Aberis
This group of enthusiasts exists outside of the Guard system, and does not seek to punish or protect. Rather, they are quite adept at the art of Roleplay, and their talents attracted the attention of the Guards/Elders, earning themselves this rare membership. Instead of being a superior group, these Aberians act as guides and teachers to the roleplayers amongst us, adding supportive criticism only where it is direly needed, answering questions with utmost patience, and directing topics to their proper locations when lost.

Grey Guard
These Guards lurk in the shadows, forever watching the Artists amongst us, to protect, but also to pursue. They keep a watchful eye on all images posted, searching for copies and thefts. While required to report to the White Guard or Elders when problems arise, these few have the power to advise and lend a hand on a close level.

Power Sages
Power Sages are Sages that are still very much involved in the Clan. Their opinions are greatly valued by active members of the DC Staff and Power Sages are often used to run ideas by or to help out on occaision. Their cloak has more color as it has not become faded with full retirement.

These wonderful people were, at one time in DC history, part of the Crew. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, they are now retired. These Sages can still be seen around the Clan lands, participating in events or simply chatting. Sages have retired in peace, to find themselves among the ranks of members again.