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More precisely, this:

How often is it updated? Because I'm curious about the 'temporary' inactivity of Ozz. Any info on her whereabouts or is the word just there to be there?

It's updated whenever necessary.

Ozzy has not come over with us to this version of the Clan, however there are members within our borders who keep in contact with her. As a founder of the original Clan, she'll always have a special title and mention within the site.

Not really knowing who you are or why you're asking, I'd probably have to say your guess is as good as others.

Who are you and why are you looking for her?

First of all, thank you for the response and info. :)

Secondly, this is Arki and I'm looking for her because she's someone I consider a friend and would like to reestablish contact with again. I suppose it's a good enough reason to ask and I apologize for not disclosing my identity in the initial post.

Arki as in Mew? Heeey! C:

The same one, except hiding behind a rather generic name.
Oh well. I'm sure a character named BlackWolf would look spiffy.

How have you been? Or even better, have any MSN/AIM contact I could add to my list? ;)


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