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Welcome to the Commons! We've reserved this special board just for you to give you a chance to interact with and meet regular members of the DCL. Some examples of things that you can use this forum for (aside from fun games or general chat) would be Art Trades, Adoptable advertisements and trades, other site Advertisements (within moderation - spam or inappropriate sites will be deleted) or other forum advertisements. Remember that because we've made this option for you, we ask that you take the time to read this information and follow our rules.  Keep in mind that this forum is moderated by all of the accepted Clan Members so if you decide to abuse this feature, we have plenty of reliable members who will take care of the problem.

Please remember that you don't need to be registered to post in this forum. Keep in mind that common courtesy is common practice in the DCL, and if you have a specific question, feel free to post it here! For clarification on any of the posted rules, simply click on the provided link and please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting:

* First: Offensive Content and Unnecessary Profanity are not allowed. If anyone sees something that they find personally insulting, the post will be reported to a moderator. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
* Second: Rants are not allowed. Please keep your rants to outside sites such as LiveJournal or your personal blog.
* Third: Begging, whining and threats will not be tolerated.
* Fourth: There Is No |\|3+5P34|<. Please avoid chatspeak and use proper grammar, punctuation and capitalization. (It makes RP and getting to know one another more enjoyable for all of us.) Also, please do not bump your topic, as it is considered spam. Our members are on all on at different times, so responses will not be instantaneous.
* Fifth: Your topic's contents must be labeled in the title. Your label can include: Content (Art, Open RP, Game, etc.), Topic Status (All Welcome, Invite Only, Open, Closed, etc.), and/or Warnings (Language, Violence, Mature Content, etc. and our Rating System). If you forgot to label a topic, you will receive a friendly post on your topic reminding you to do so! (Example: [Open] Intro RP!) For more information, click here.
Thanks for reading! As long as you remember that people with various ages, nationalities and religions visit this website, and to show some basic respect when posting, we're sure you'll have fun! :)

The DCL Crew


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