Dragon Clan Lands

Applying for Membership

In order to apply, we expect you to have a dragon character in mind (how else would you create your account?) As for how you actually become a member, it's not that complicated!

Step 1 - Read Stuff

The first thing you need to do is make sure you understand who we are.

Please Read:

  • Member Requirements - This is important, read it.
  • Site Terms and Conditions - Please skim this document. You are responsible for the information in it.
  • Forum Rules - You may skim this document, but you are responsbile for abiding by the rules. The fact that you have 'not read the rules' does not excuse you from any violation of these rules. Keep in mind, violating these rules may lead to a warning or in severe cases banishment.

Step 2 - Register

It's not hard!

Register for the forum. Keep in mind you must register with your Dragon's name. If you wish, after you joined, you may collect the site's credits (gems) toward changing your name to your own.



Step 3 - Tell us you're not a bot!

  • Post here! - Fill out the form in the first post, and reply to this topic with the filled out version.
  • As soon as an admin sees your post, they will go to accept your account! You should receive an email when you are accented.
Something wrong?
It's been more than 2 days and you haven't been accepted? Any errors with your registration (aka we can't find your registration) will be editted into your post by a mod. So please check back there!


Got Extra Time?

Not Accepted yet?