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[Monthly Event - May] Design a Dream Dragon Wedding


Like the title says, homies! Design a Dream Dragon Wedding! Could be that of an existing dragon couple, or of an OTP, or just incorporate a dragon into a realistic wedding piece. You don't have to plan a whole ceremony if you don't want; incorporating any aspect of a wedding will earn you points. Please use any medium! There are some ideas listed below to help you get started.

Design a Dream Dragon Wedding.
+2 points - Write a short story/poem about a dream/nightmare wedding.
+2 points - Collage the ultimate dragon wedding gown. (Teeheehee! Plus points if it's organic!)
+2 points - Paint the perfect getaway-wedding location. (Bonuses for including cultural or exotic details.)
+2 points - Bake a cake! (Mmm, I'll give bonus points to whoever decorates theirs with the most frosting - I mean detail.)
+2 points - Arrange a bouquet of flowers in the palette of a particular dragon.
+2 points - Photograph plushies/figurines in a mock wedding procession.
+2 points - Arrange a playlist of the songs your dragon would play at his/her wedding.
+2 points - Sculpt cake toppers!
+2 points - Compose vows. (I solemnly swear that I am up to no good - I'll be back - Here's lookin' at you, kid - Err, it's harder then it looks. Bonus points to the funniest - crudest - most heartfelt.)
+2 points - Bead an engagement ring. (Ooo, yey! Bonus points if you make matching wedding bands too!)
+2 points - Map a pretend venue or menu. (Bonus points for zhose who remember to accommodate us qvads.)
+2 points - Make party favors! (Vhat's zhat? Gifts to take home. Vhat, like giblets? No, like candles. Giblets vouldst not make bad favors. Squick. I prefer Marsi-Ocelot's teas. Remember those? I remember. OH! Mimi has an idea, yes, no? Bonus points for making favors dragons would like best, yes, yeah? Unnng, nowv I vant chicken vings.)
+2 points - Draw a couple on their honeymoon.

BONUS Points:
+10 points - Design an entire wedding party (bride, groom, maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, ring-bearer and flower girl).
+5 points - Design an entire wedding/mating ceremony (Be as civilized or as feral as you want.)
+1 point - Every additional prompt response after your initial response earns you an automatic bonus point.

Details details...
* The list above has suggestions, not limitations. Please interpret the prompt in any way which strikes your fancy. So long as dragons and weddings are somehow combined, I'm not fussy.
* Winner(s) and Runner-Up(s) will be determined by score.
* The deadline for prompt replies is May 31st.

HUZZAH! Hop to it!
//command: h4[|<z0|2z For the record, I think this is a terrible prompt >____<. I hope somebody has the comedic sense to scribble Bridezilla. I would reward some bonus points for a bridal meltdown.
We concur. We would allot some points to have an uninvited guest crash the wedding. Perhaps an ex-lover. Or a tsunami. B}

You got a week left dudes. Make it happen.


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