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Many people, when asked "what is a dragon?" will describe something with bat wings, reptillian heads, four legs, scales, and fire-breathing. In other words, the typical western dragon. Or perhaps they'll describe an eastern dragon instead, with a long, serpentine body, antlers, a mane, and scales. Here at DCL, our definition of "what is a dragon?" is a little more vague. You see, there are people from every end of the earth here, and everyone has their own ideas and creative touch. Everywhere you look, there is some new and strange dragon lurking with features never seen before.

When trying to think up a design for your dragon, you may hit a few bumps along the way. The first thing to keep in mind is this: don't worry about outshining anyone. Go for something you love. If you make an overly complicated dragon just to "fit in" with our odd assortment of dragons, you will regret it later. Second, "simple is always better". Your design needs to be something you can either draw or describe again and again. If you have trouble with your own design, everyone else surely will too!

Wings and Things

This section is meant to give you some ideas to play with while you create your dragon's design. Everything here is generic and free for your use.


The typical dragon definition describes a winged lizard. Not all dragons actually have wings. Still, for those that do, there are plenty of different wing designs one could go with!

1) Western

2) Bird

Drawn by X
3) Fin

4) Wyvern


Here are just a few examples of things you could do with your dragon's eyes. As you can see, there are many different types of eyes you could use. You don't necessarily just have to do regular "humanoid" or lizard eyes. You can find a list of nature's eye types here for even more ideas.

Drawn by Aeries
1) Traditional dragon split

2) Human-like pupil

3) Goat pupil

4) Human-like iris

5) Cat's eye


Ears may not be the most important factor on a dragon, but they can certainly make the dragon's profile more interesting to look at! Common draconic ears include none at all, frills, and even cat-like, but I'm certain you could come up with a dozen more.

1) Earhole

3) Cat

5) Long

Drawn by X
2) Lizard

5) Frill

6) Long Ribbed


If you choose to give your dragon horns, you may find that plain horns are not for you. If that's the case, there are plenty of different designs you could do. It's all a matter of how comfortable you are with complicated horn designs. This article lists different animals in the real world with horns you might mimic.

1) Straight back

3) Ram's horns

5) Stubs

7) Eyebrow

9) Straight jawline

Drawn by Aeries
2) Antlers forward

4) Spine spikes

6) Eye-to-jaw spikes

8) Ridged curved

10) Ridged forward


The tail is another defining feature on a dragon that you may find yourself having trouble with. You could just do a plain and functional lizard's tail, or you could go for broke and do something even fancier! Just remember, the tail needs to help tie your dragon's design together. You wouldn't necessarily want to put a dolphin tail on a bird-like dragon, would you? (Or maybe you would and the joke's on me...)

Drawn by X
1) Spaded

2) Curled

3) Feathered

4) Finned

Draw from Nature

If traditional dragon features are not what you're looking for, you can always look to nature for ideas. Perhaps you'd like to give your dragon markings like a leopard, or a neck frill like the frilled lizard? Don't hesitate to use some of nature's good ideas!

Please note that if you ever see a dragon with a completely unique set of horns, wings, or even markings, you should definitely refrain from borrowing from them. Those things belong to that particular dragon, and taking them would be theft.


Actual design theft is extremely uncommon within the Dragon Clan Lands. We have strict rules on the subject of theft to deter would-be clones. If you spot a design that you suspect of copying one of your dragons, chances are, you are the only one to have noticed it. Don't cry wolf about it, or try to get a mob on your side. Stop, take a deep breath, and consider all of the differences between your dragon and the other suspect.


1) Undead
2) Oriental
3) Cowboy
4) Hat
5) Spurs

Drawn by X and Aeries
Click to enlarge.


1) Quad vs Anthro
2) Markings
3) Clothes
4) Mouth
5) Eyes
6) Horns
7) Ears
8) Tail
9) Legs
10) Feet

If your list of differences is bigger than the list of similarities, you don't have a case. However, if you are still bothered, you might try politely contacting the other owner. Ask after their dragon and learn more about it -- perhaps you overlooked some key information that will dispell your worries. Some owners may even be willing to change newer designs if asked. You won't know until you try.

Whatever you do, don't accuse them of theft, and don't be rude!

When in doubt, ask!

If you ever feel like your design may be too similar to someone else's, or that you're missing something on your design, you can make a post in the forums to get more opinions. DCL members are exceptionally helpful when it comes to the nitty gritty game of designing. Picking their brains may be just the thing you need to ease any doubts you have.

And remember: relax and have fun. This isn't a full-time job.

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