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Two days left and I've been doing refs for everyone but Xyriah...  Ardalu has one in progress, Sam has one in progress, Pyala has one in progress, as does the Pyali baby...   I made a baby Nova ref... still no Xyriah. Oops. XD XD XD   Posting here as a reminder that the month is almost over, maybe Xyriah will sneak out tomorrow... maybe. 

The Commons / Re: [Event] The Great CD Update Challenge!
February 28, 2017, 01:50:06 AM
Aaaah perfect timing! Xyriah hasn't been updated since 2012, and that one was never even finished... She needs her wing accessories drawn out, and I've got some small physical changes planned. Maybe I can rush those through while I'm at it.   Thanks for setting this up!

2012 ref here:

QuoteXyriah is a smallish green dragon.  She stands approximately 4 feet tall at the top of her head (around 2 1/2 feet at the shoulder), and is 7 feet long.  Her overall build is comparable to that of a Great Dane- somewhat leggy, with a narrow chest and a lean muscular body type.   She's covered in small, iguana-like scales, except for her leathery wing membranes and scale-plated underbelly. 

Her base color is a muted jade green, with dusky blue stripes running across her back, the leading edges of her wing-arms, and the front of her thighs.  Yellow bands encircle her lower legs: three on each front leg, two on the back.  Four more bands encircle the tip of her tail.    Her eyes are a teal blue color.  She has dark, almost midnight-blue streaks over both eyes, topped with thin yellow "eyebrows".   Her ear-frills and wing membranes are both made of leathery hide in an aqua color which shades into a buttery yellow hue near the edges.   Her belly is a leafy green color.

Her wings have three wing-fingers and a thumb, each tipped with black claws.  The membranes have been torn down the middle and some of the fingers appear bent or have swellings where breaks healed wrong.

Other details:
-Four spines on the ear fins
-Back feet are like elongated paws; four toes of similar size (though middle two slightly longer than outer two)
-Front feet have three fingers plus thumb


-All claws are black, worn down from running on them
-Two ridges of scar tissue encircle her neck where an iron collar once cut into her
-Similar ridges are around both back legs.

-Sometimes she wears wing-covers or a robotic exoskeleton.  The exoskeleton looks like a backpack- it has nylon straps (lined with fleece) which cross in front of her chest and behind her wings, and are joined by another connecting strap under her chest.  Pneumatic tubes protrude from it and fasten to the frame of her wing covers, providing mechanical assistance to make up for a lack of muscle strength.

The covers by themselves are ripstop nylon, shaped to go over her wings like huge mittens.  Rare earth magnets and snaps hold them together around her wing-fingers.  Her claws stick out of small holes at the ends. Springy rods are stitched into tubes, reinforcing the structure and helping to help support her weakened wing-fingers.   
(she has one extra set of wing covers which are just huge mittens in swimsuit material for when she wants to keep the ragged edges of her membranes from snagging on anything- or wants to use her wings as paddles while swimming)

Welcome! I think I've got your account approved now- sorry for the delay!  Once you're in, you'll want to go read about our Member Directory and set up a profile so we can get you fully verified and ready to start posting. :)
The Commons / Re: [Not a Monthly Event]- Actual Size!
August 14, 2013, 09:52:16 PM
Phoenix- aww, not even Raene or any of your kids?  (You could cheat and draw Raene as the size she is on her date with Vasaru.  She'd probably fit on a piece of paper. XD )

Just measured my driveway and it's approximately 40' x 20'.  Looks like Yinmora will BARELY fit if I go diagonally (I calculate 44.7 feet along the hypoteneuse of that triangle, and she's 44 feet long)  or it may be possible to arrange things so that her tail curves onto the sidewalk.    Coming up about 10 feet short for Jin, though- I'd need to open the garage door and extend the drawing inside to make room for him!

The neighbors will be sooooo confused if this drawing happens. XD
The Commons / [Not a Monthly Event]- Actual Size!
August 14, 2013, 03:15:49 AM
I was trying to entertain a certain toddler with sidewalk chalk last week and ended up scribbling Xyriah on my driveway. (Seems to be a younger version of her, since it's not scarred, but anyway- )

Xyriah seemed to be a bit smaller than I'd always figured, even though I (roughly) measured everything out.  Maybe it's just the fact that I'm looking at a 2D drawing and 3D objects and she seems smaller because of the flat-ness.

Anyway, I'm tossing out a challenge:  Make a LIFE-SIZED drawing of one (or more) of your characters!  It can be sidewalk chalk, marker on butcher paper, paint on your walls (don't blame me if you lose your security deposit on an apartment...), or whatever.

No deadline, and no prizes except for your own personal satisfaction- it just might be fun to see your character's dimensions laid out in the real world.  Are they bigger than you'd been picturing? Smaller?  The same?
Oh, no, Monte lost Tail?  o_O  That's awful!

Su: Not my fault if he won't take a prosthetic wing so he can fly, though. Or a personal jetpack. 

Heikue grows up to become the neighborhood's crazy cat lady.

I have two other sketches but don't have time to scan/upload right now... maybe tomorrow!

It's past the deadline so these may not be worth points, but:

I see Sulari as being the sort to end up very gaunt in her old age- a bag of bones, really.  She doesn't get around as well as she used to and is starting to lose her vision (though she might have some kind of magitek-powered camera which broadcasts a telepathic feed for when she really needs to get a good look at stuff...) .  When she's awake, she putters around with blueprints and basic concepts, but leaves most of the manual labor to her apprentices (who may or may not be her grandchildren or great-grandchildren.)

One of those descendants, as a wee one, paid an unexpected visit to the workshop and tried to jump into one of Sulari's prototypes before she could stop him. She sacrificed her left hand to jam the gears so her device wouldn't crush the kid.  Robo-hand V1 was a clumsy affair, since she had to build it single-handedly (ha), but she's on version 5 or 6 now and it's got better grip strength and a wider range of motion than her real hand.  Not that she's in any hurry to add on any more cyborg parts, though.

Vasaru, meanwhile, has barely aged at all.  Happy as ever... and supremely lucky to have a few Healing-type mages as friends, because there is no way in heck that he should've made it through life with all of his parts intact.

Yinmora is already old and isn't amused by this challenge.  (Though really, she'll just keep getting more and more grey hairs over the years, until she's almost pure white.  )

I really need to revise this old picture from 2009 because it didn't take into account the fact that Jin's whiskers should keep growing and his horns should get longer and heavier. 
So I just want to make sure I'm reading this correctly:  by "points don't combine", do you mean that each drawing can only be good for one bonus category (not counting the "multiple drawings" bonus)?  Like If I wanted to pick up bonus points for "crazy hair", "glasses", and "only 3 colors", I'd have to do three drawings rather than using them all in one image?   Or were you trying to say that you can only earn the points for each category once, and that if I do ten drawings of old Cat Lady Heikue, I only get two points for including a pet, not 20? 
The Commons / Re: My dragon
January 06, 2009, 10:09:29 PM
Well, really you have a number of options:

Technically, it's not required to have a picture of your dragon.  Just about everybody does, but the "appearance" section of the Character Directory entry could also be fulfilled by a detailed description.

You could also play with some "makeables", which are pixel-art that is there for you to colour. You can take them into any graphics program and add colours and markings as you see fit.  This page has a few dragons: , and I think there are a few people who have templates on this forum, as well. 

You could also join and see if anyone is taking art requests or doing art for gems.  "Adoptables" (generally small pixel-drawings that are all based on the same template) can be pretty cheap and it's not uncommon to see people doing them on a request basis. :)

Hope that helps!