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A semi-translucent, rattlenaga - barely bigger than a pot-belly pig - is zooming around a room full of filing cabinets in a hover disc. It's impossible to tell if the little dragon is a he or a she. Maybe they're both. Maybe they're neither. The rattlenaga phases into full view at your approach.

"Oh, hey there! Welcome to The Directory! You here for the Update Challenge? Awesome! The studio's all set up for you. There's a writing lab down that way, and a cafeteria that way. Hmm? Me?! My name is Corialane Codex - you can call me Dex. Uhh - I'm an intern here. I've been put in charge of... reorganizing things a bit." Dex keys a few things in on their tablet. Their third-eye bindi blinks as it syncs with the updates. "It's been zooy in here ever since Senator Kutomo started investigating the immigration office. I mean, we're talking dragons with no photo ID, dragons with no historical records, dragons who've been MIA for years, NPC's running around the Shoutbox - it's been a Nightmare, believe me. I'm so glad you're here to help."

Dex zips off to collect a stack of file folders. When they return with the pile, and see you still standing there, they mention, "You've done this before, right?... First timers! Well, welcome, welcome, I'm sorry. I thought you were veterans... Yeah, yeah, I guess a lot has changed in ten years - The Directory probably looks a little different. Well, here, let me get you a pamphlet." Dex drops the file folders unceremoniously in the trash, and bids you to follow them around the Registration desk. They pull open a brochure, "Every week we host workshops to help folks update their Character Directory information. Everyone's welcome to drop in, ask for a second opinion, totally open house. But some folks just need help pacing themselves, like an exercise regimen! It is a lot of paperwork. So, we've set up monthly themes, to help inspire folks to stay on task. Due dates for CD work are the last day of every month. Complete a theme, you earn a reward; let's call it an adoptable, just a little something. Complete a CD you win an official event award - we call them stickers. Does all that make sense? Here, let me show you:"

Dex bids you follow them into the studio, where at least a dozen dragons are posing for their portraits, retelling their personal histories to stenographers, or scrap-booking pictures of their friends and family. On the back wall of the studio is a white board with this month's theme outlined:

--- Quote ---CD Update Challenge
March ~ Back to Basics
Week 1: Written physical description.
Week 2: Preliminary sketches/Determine color palette.
Week 3: Zoom in on difficult angles or details.
Week 4 Combine previous weeks into one, complete, detailed reference image.
--- End quote ---

"So, this month we're focusing on photo ID's. Each week brings you a step closer to a complete picture reference. For my part, I'm going through the archives chronologically, trying to get people to update their stuff. Some of these photos are really old! Make sense? Why don't you have a poke around; I'll be back to check on you in a bit. But feel free to come find me sooner if you have more questions!"

((For this month's challenge, start with your first ever dragon, the one you joined The Clan with. Maybe that dragon has aged and needs a new ref. Maybe you're taking their story in a new direction. Maybe you killed off that character. Whatever the case, it's kind of easy for your original character to get stagnant as new and exciting characters come onto the scene. Try going back to your roots, and sprucing up ol' reliable.
Share this space to brainstorm! Share your progress pics, your Google searches, the music you're listening to - let people see what you're doing! If you get stuck, reach out, let's work together to get inspired. Remember, it's not about drawing a pretty picture. Your dragon's reference is the first gateway another player has for RPing or gift giving... This is an icebreaker challenge, not a drawing competition.))

Oh gosh.... I can't remember the last time I drew Seaphira O_O It's been... oh dear, not sure I want to know.. 4 YEARS??????

Quad Ref:

Her last Quad picture is still accurate enough - for this challenge I may do detail shots of parts of her, but she needs an Anthro drawn ref so I'll work on that! ^^

Aaaah perfect timing! Xyriah hasn't been updated since 2012, and that one was never even finished... She needs her wing accessories drawn out, and I've got some small physical changes planned. Maybe I can rush those through while I'm at it.   Thanks for setting this up!

2012 ref here:
(click to show/hide)

--- Quote ---Xyriah is a smallish green dragon.  She stands approximately 4 feet tall at the top of her head (around 2 1/2 feet at the shoulder), and is 7 feet long.  Her overall build is comparable to that of a Great Dane- somewhat leggy, with a narrow chest and a lean muscular body type.   She's covered in small, iguana-like scales, except for her leathery wing membranes and scale-plated underbelly. 

Her base color is a muted jade green, with dusky blue stripes running across her back, the leading edges of her wing-arms, and the front of her thighs.  Yellow bands encircle her lower legs: three on each front leg, two on the back.  Four more bands encircle the tip of her tail.    Her eyes are a teal blue color.  She has dark, almost midnight-blue streaks over both eyes, topped with thin yellow "eyebrows".   Her ear-frills and wing membranes are both made of leathery hide in an aqua color which shades into a buttery yellow hue near the edges.   Her belly is a leafy green color.

Her wings have three wing-fingers and a thumb, each tipped with black claws.  The membranes have been torn down the middle and some of the fingers appear bent or have swellings where breaks healed wrong.

Other details:
-Four spines on the ear fins
-Back feet are like elongated paws; four toes of similar size (though middle two slightly longer than outer two)
-Front feet have three fingers plus thumb


-All claws are black, worn down from running on them
-Two ridges of scar tissue encircle her neck where an iron collar once cut into her
-Similar ridges are around both back legs.

-Sometimes she wears wing-covers or a robotic exoskeleton.  The exoskeleton looks like a backpack- it has nylon straps (lined with fleece) which cross in front of her chest and behind her wings, and are joined by another connecting strap under her chest.  Pneumatic tubes protrude from it and fasten to the frame of her wing covers, providing mechanical assistance to make up for a lack of muscle strength.

The covers by themselves are ripstop nylon, shaped to go over her wings like huge mittens.  Rare earth magnets and snaps hold them together around her wing-fingers.  Her claws stick out of small holes at the ends. Springy rods are stitched into tubes, reinforcing the structure and helping to help support her weakened wing-fingers.   
(she has one extra set of wing covers which are just huge mittens in swimsuit material for when she wants to keep the ragged edges of her membranes from snagging on anything- or wants to use her wings as paddles while swimming)

--- End quote ---

Ooooh I'm totes excited, Xar you're getting spoiled this month!

Xar: *Pulls his cheeks so those face wrinkles disappear* I'm ready!

Okay Star-butt It's your turn.

Star: Wait what?

Yep, you've got to shake out your scales and get back on your game!

Star: But I haven't changed at all!

Oh yes you have, just not in ways you realize. Just little things kiddo. Just some little things.....


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