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I was trying to entertain a certain toddler with sidewalk chalk last week and ended up scribbling Xyriah on my driveway. (Seems to be a younger version of her, since it's not scarred, but anyway- )

Xyriah seemed to be a bit smaller than I'd always figured, even though I (roughly) measured everything out.  Maybe it's just the fact that I'm looking at a 2D drawing and 3D objects and she seems smaller because of the flat-ness.

Anyway, I'm tossing out a challenge:  Make a LIFE-SIZED drawing of one (or more) of your characters!  It can be sidewalk chalk, marker on butcher paper, paint on your walls (don't blame me if you lose your security deposit on an apartment...), or whatever.

No deadline, and no prizes except for your own personal satisfaction- it just might be fun to see your character's dimensions laid out in the real world.  Are they bigger than you'd been picturing? Smaller?  The same?

I wanna hit the like button. This is awesome! I have no idea how I'd make some of my larger characters. Maybe I'll just stick to a more managable dragon.


This is sort of ironic since I was joking around with Joe the other day about making a life sized Kyoti body pillow xD

HMM I might have to try this. but Im not sure with who or what. I'll think on it!

Awww this is so cool. I love her <3 <3 <3

I wish I could partake but...all my crazies are too big. I'd need a bigger area or a parking lot to draw even the smaller ones! 

Phoenix- aww, not even Raene or any of your kids?  (You could cheat and draw Raene as the size she is on her date with Vasaru.  She'd probably fit on a piece of paper. XD )

Just measured my driveway and it's approximately 40' x 20'.  Looks like Yinmora will BARELY fit if I go diagonally (I calculate 44.7 feet along the hypoteneuse of that triangle, and she's 44 feet long)  or it may be possible to arrange things so that her tail curves onto the sidewalk.    Coming up about 10 feet short for Jin, though- I'd need to open the garage door and extend the drawing inside to make room for him!

The neighbors will be sooooo confused if this drawing happens. XD


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