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[Monthly Event] It's a surprise!


This month's montly event is to sign up for a monthly event! The most interesting idea wins (voted on by your peers in an anonymous poll!)! And everyone will get a sticker. Note that you don't /have/ to actually run the event ONLY if you have some kind of time conflict/exc and you PM or somehow communicate to me that you cannot run it. I understand it's hard to plan for 4 months in the future. But don't sign up with intentions of not doing it, though. I WILL FIND YOU. Also, I will post reminders to remind you of your month. THERES JUST NO REASON NOT TO SIGN UP.

Here is a link:
Just post and/or edit your name into the list with what you plan to do. Please post here if you wish to gain a sticker or a chance at winning.

An aside.....
Also, how do you guys want to do stickers for these events? Making one every month will be hard to do and I don't want to flood the sticker list. Maybe we have a set of generic 'art', 'writing' exc ones that you can use if you don't want to create your own? And then all stickers have a gold * or ME for 'Monthly Event'? The next month's monthly event (which I'm signed up for) will be 'create stickers for the monthly events... ITS LIKE MONTHLY EVENT INCEPTION.

Larrylarrylarry! Can i take over may since misha had to drop out?

Sure. That's this month though!

I know, YEY! Does it still have to be an art exchange, or can it be a prompt like you did last month?

Whatever you want!! Prompt is fine. :)


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