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So was going to try the MCA/DCA annual award thing, but there's really not much activity so let's wait till next year. Instead, you get this SB-inspired prompt.

Draw your dragon as an old version of themselves.
Extra Points: Draw someone else's. (+6)

+2 points for a ridiculously-detailed cane or glasses.
+2 points for some kind of crazy hair.
+2 points for some related family member (and their respective age-change)
+2 points for them doing something great
+2 points for only using 3 colors
+2 points for adding a pet
+2 points for using no straight lines
+2 points for using no lines at all
+2 points for making them look like some real person (traits not like drawing a person)
+2 points for _______ (you must make a convincing argument or else you get -1 point!)
+2 points for more than 1 drawing (+1 point for any extra drawings after that)

We'll do a poll for the most amusing drawing.
And there will be a winner for the most points? I dunno.
These two winners will probably get a sticker.

No limit on the amount of drawings! But other than the extra points for multiple drawings, points don't combine.
Drawings will be due April 30th. Voting will happen for the 3-4 days after.
Misha is up next month, then me.
YOU GUYS BETTER GO SIGN UP! If we want to make this work, we gotta keep it going. Even something like this is great. It took me 5 minutes. GO SIGN UP FOR SRS. <3

So I just want to make sure I'm reading this correctly:  by "points don't combine", do you mean that each drawing can only be good for one bonus category (not counting the "multiple drawings" bonus)?  Like If I wanted to pick up bonus points for "crazy hair", "glasses", and "only 3 colors", I'd have to do three drawings rather than using them all in one image?   Or were you trying to say that you can only earn the points for each category once, and that if I do ten drawings of old Cat Lady Heikue, I only get two points for including a pet, not 20? 

I'm saying that if picture 1 is 10 points and picture 2 is 20. You would get the score of 20 + points for having 2 pictures. Not 30 + points for having 2 pictures.

Unless it'd be better to do only can gets points from each category once?

I'm sort of confused about the point system, but I want to do this!

Oh. It's due April 30th? Eeeeyeah... I might have to just post later and not actually compete. However, I should be able to find time as long as there's no surrounding and immediate schoolwork I need to be doing instead.

This is more for fun guys! Awesome detailed drawings are good, but if you want to do a sketch, you still have an equal chance of winning. :) If you don't have time to get it in before the deadline, just do a sketch or something on paper during class!


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