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Can't access my account for some reason

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I'm already registered and I know my password is right(it's been saved to my browser from the last time I logged in) I tried searching but the account wont show and re-applying but it says the name is still taken. I don't get why I was deleted (I actually pop my head in from time to time) but my fionce was not(she doesn't at all). The username is Crow. I'd contact another way but there is no formal way to contact you guys that I can seem to find. The email associated with the account is gone too - that was why I even tried to log in. To change it since the email was hacked. :P

Um. I know your name, Crow, but that's about all. Can someone verify this is actually her? If so, I can get that fixed for you. SOrry for not replying earlier. I didn't see this for some reason.

Edit: There's an account for Crow. Its still valid with no posts and no profile edits. It wasn't deleted anyway.

Yeah, I was able to read Crow just fine on the Member List a few days ago, so the story doesn't add up. Is there any other way to verify an account, Garfy? Maybe if Cr0w gave you her original login and e-mail info? Or who is Crow's fiancee? If he has an account on the site maybe he can verify Cr0w is Crow.

Email information is pretty standard though. Like its not hard to know someone's email. I'll leave it up to Crow or someone else to prove her identity?

The account 'Crow' hasn't been logged on in over a year. So I'm not sure if that's what you mean by 'time to time'?

Actually my fionce you would remember - "Sephirosu"  :D

I still have my aim though so see you guys popping around on there from time to time if that's any proof of my ID..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand NM :B Guessed it somore. Apparently browser saved old pass, not the revised one.  ;)


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