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At the far end of the Clan lies the Hall of Journeys, the acceptance point for the Clan Lands. While before the borders were carefully monitored, a new system seems to be tested. The current members now watch to see who will come be a part of the new Clan. It is time to welcome back returning Clanners and new recruits.

The Clan Lives.
The Application Process
All that is required of the new application process is for you to post the given form on this topic and a Clan Elder will check back and approve you. Simple, no? However, your application will not and can not be processed without the following:

* First DO NOT post as your Username. That is, as a guest, when you're asked to provide a name for your post, do NOT use your Dragon's name. This will prevent you from being able to use the name to register your Dragon.

* Second: Consider giving us your real email address. When you register, you will be asked for your email address. You will be sent an email when your registered Dragon is approved.Also, if you ever lose your password, it will be emailed to you. Using a valid, reliable email is a good idea.

* Third: Post the form below on this topic. The words in italics are an explanation of the form.
--- Quote ---Your Name: (Your Online Alias or Real Name - the name YOU want to be referred to by.)
Your Dragon's Name: (Your Dragon's full name or nickname.)
Who Referred You: (If someone referred you, post their real name/online username here.)
Username: We changed the rules so you can sign up as your name or your dragon's. If you sign up under your name you will get a gold coloring to differentiate. Note if you sign up as your dragon name you will be referred to (for lists and formal things) as DragonName[Name]. Otherwise you will be referred to as Name[OA]. We don't do nicknames (for lists/exc), so please keep this in mind when picking a username.

--- End quote ---

* Fourth: Register your Dragon. (Click here for a screen shot.) This may either be your name, your nickname, your Dragon's full name, your Dragon's nickname - that is up to you. Click here to register your account!
Once you've done this - you're all set! A Clan Elder will look over your application to make certain everything was done correctly and than you will be accepted! Simple as that. Thank you for reading over this and we look forward to having you join the Clan!

The DCL Crew

my real name: Haley, Refer to me as cl0udy or Larry.
Dragon name: Quin
referred by: Zeph

Edit by Maia: Please register your character so I may approve you.

 Name: Brooke
 Dragon's Name: Alkenyu
 Referred By: Nicole.

Edit by Maia: Please register your character so I may approve you.

Edit by Maia: Account Approved! Welcome aboard! ^^
Referral credited to Nicole - won 15 gems! :D

Your Name: Christie
Your Dragon's Name: Nimphaea
Who Referred You: Pookabunny

Edit by Maia: About time she got you over here! xDD Account approved! ^^
Referral credit to Pooka - won an extra egg for the month! :O

Name: Tyler
Dragon's Name: Itrenor
Who Referred me: no one, i found this by google searching

--- Quote from: Maia on October 01, 2008, 03:17:21 AM ---
* Fourth: Register your Dragon. (Click here for a screen shot.) This may either be your Dragon's full name or your Dragon's nickname - that is up to you. Your account name here will be your Dragon's name, not yours. Your password may be whatever you want it to be. A combination of letters and numbers usually is the safest; just never use something as simple as your birth date or your name spelled backwards. Click here to register your account!
--- End quote ---


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