Dragon Clan Lands

Gem Stats

Where do people find their gems?

Hidden Gems: 15 points*
Nest/Mod Prizes: 14 points
Being a mod/admin: 9 points
Trading for art/wajas/eggs: 7 points
Contests: 5 points
Chasing around Admins in the SB: 5 points
Site Work/Art: 3 points

What do they do with them?

Buying Art/Wajas/exc.: 23 points*
OA Account: 16 points
Buying Eggs Off People: 14 points
Aged Accounts: 13 points
Forum Title: 8 points
Just to have them: 8 points
DC Advertising: 3 points
For Gifts:
2 points
DCL Email: 2 points
Other: 2 points


The stats are based on twelve DCL users.

Please keep in mind that these stats are only from April 08, the first month the DCL was open and are subject to change as new things and more gems are introduced to the site.

*Each member who filled out the survey was given 3 choices for the first part, and four for the second. 1 point was given for their last choice, 2 for their second to last and so on.



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