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Member's Choice Awards

Every month there is special contest between our clanners for one of our many elementals! Each month's competition is different so be sure to read the rules! If you would like to see previous month's contests and winners, just click on the links above.

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May 2008

Magic May
Best Character Profile

We are looking for the best Character Profile. That's one of the ones in the Character Directory. We want the one that's the best - best looking, most informative, best use of BBC code, best set-up, and all that.



Tied for the Best Character Profile are Ainadwen's and Monte's Profiles. Jasanie's and Tarregon's Profiles were the runners up.


Rose and Beaky received 20 gems, a Magic Elemental and membership in the Contest Winners usergroup. Hill and Kat received 10 gems a piece.
June 2008

Just Adoptables June
Best Adoptables

We are looking for the best Adoptables. That's one of the sets listed here. We want the set that's the best - best designed, best colored, best customs, most customs made, most popular... whatever!



Kathy (Entry 1) with 15 out of 53 (17.6%) votes. Silver, Em and Rose (Entry 1) were this month's runner's up.


Kathy has recieved 20 gems, a Fire Elemental and membership in the Contest Winners usergroup. Silver, Em and Rose (Entry 1) recieved 10 gems a piece.
July 2008

Butterfly July
Roleplay Social Butterfly

We are looking for the Dragon Clan Lands' current Social Roleplay Butterfly! The Butterfly is the person who is active in a wide range of roleplays or uses many different types of characters. Their roleplaying abillity should not be taken too high into consideration as this was not the quality we were looking for.

  • Conny/Fynn - 2 (9.1%)
  • Katty/Radonasi - 4 (18.2%)
  • Jayce/Yasha_Kami - 1 (4.5%)
  • Danielle/Gwendolyn - 1 (4.5%)
  • Ni/Julius - 1 (4.5%)
  • Jazzy/Iahdo - 2 (9.1%)
  • Beaky/Monte - 3 (13.6%)
  • Claire/Dethaim - 8 (36.4%)


Claire/Dethaim won with 8 out of 22 (36.4%) votes while Katty/Radonasi and Beaky/Monte took runner's up.


Claire/Dethaim has received 20 gems, a Sun Elemental and membership in the Contest Winners usergroup. Katty/Radonasi and Beaky/Monte have received 10 gems a piece.
August 2008

Appreciated August
Most Meaningful Posts

We are looking for the member who makes best use of their posting power, newbie or oldbie, whether it be constant suggestions, helpful critiques or just a reminder why we like visiting this site. Remember, quanty isn't always quality!

  • Jamie/Arakris - 5 (26.3%)
  • Maia - 1 (5.3%)
  • X/Outburst - 10 (52.6%)
  • Zeph/Taiyofu - 3 (15.8%)
  • Em - 0 (0%)


X/Outburst won with 10 out of 18 (52.6%) votes while Jamie/Arakris and Zeph/Taiyofu are the runner's up.


X/Outburst has recieved 20 gems, an Energy Elemental and membership in the Contest Winners usergroup. Jamie/Arakris and Zeph/Taiyofu recieved 10 gems a piece.
September 2008

Story-writing September
DCL's Best Writer

We are looking for the great writer's of the Dragon Clan Lands! These writer's have to of shown they can be well-thought-out, structurely sound, create artistic insight to chararcters and places and to keep the reader wanting more!

  • Maia - 6 (42.9%)
  • X - 0 (0%)
  • Beaky - 6 (42.9%)
  • Kat - 0 (0%)
  • Kougie - 2 (14.3%)


Beaky and Maia tied for first place, each with 6 out of 14(42.9%) votes! Kougie with 2 out of 14(14.3%) votes was runner up.


Beaky and Maia each received 20 gems, a Darkness Elemental and membership in the Contest Winners usergroup. Kougie received 10 gems.
October 2008

Outstanding October
DCL's Best Roleplay of the Year

We are looking for RPs that you think is the best: the most active, the most epic, the most pre-planned, the most organized, the one with the most people, the longest running, etc. Have a favorite RP that you enjoyed participating in or following along with this year? Nominate your favorite character from it!

  • Keith/Giga_Spyke - 4 (28.6%)
  • Chesh/Dedo - 7 (50%)
  • Garfy/Brixyn - 0 (0%)
  • X/Xeindal - 3 (21.4%)


Chesh/Dedo won first place with 7 out of 14(50%) votes! Keith/Giga_Spyke and X/Xeindal were runners up.


Chesh/Dedo recieved 20 gems, a Posion Elemental and membership in the Contest Winners usergroup. Keith/Giga_Spyke and X/Xeindal recieved 10 gems a piece.
November 2008

N-Sane November
DCL's Best Member Profile

We're looking for the best Member Profile - the most informative, the most creative, the best set-up, whatever! Nominate away!

  • Aeries - 4 (22.2%)
  • Jez - 5 (27.8%)
  • Hill - 7 (38.9%)
  • Kougie/Ni - 1 (5.6%)
  • Beaky - 1 (5.6%)


Hill won first place, with 7 out of 18(38.9%) votes! Jez with 5 out of 18(27.8%) and Aeries with 4 out of 18(22.2%) votes were runners up.


Hill received 20 gems, a Star Elemental and membership in the Contest Winners usergroup. Jez and Aeries received 10 gems each.
December 2008

Memorable December

DCL's Most Active "Old" Member

We are looking for members who are OLD . . . oldest member, the member who's been around the longest, whatever the case, they have to be active. This is one of the two MCA that you aren't able to nominate yourself.


  • . . .



The winner will receive 20 gems, a random Elemental and membership in the Contest Winners usergroup. The runner's up will receive 10 gems a piece.